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Keep it simple

We are in a frontier environment. The frontier has many fronts – data, technology, global supply, social & cultural; all with revolution and evolution occurring. Some very large companies still to die (driven by short sighted shareholders and managers) and … Continue reading

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A looming battle

A battle awaits, yet to be fought – but one that will impact on individual people, businesses and supply chains all over the world. One that is shaping up on a field of ones and zeros, where almost everything we … Continue reading

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The advantages of being small

Working with large enterprises on a regular basis; it is increasingly clear to me that there are many advantages to being a small, challenger business. We are in transitionary times where many large corporate exist in structures, with hierarchies, and … Continue reading

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A crystal ball

It seems that it’s very hip to make predictions; from ending of civilisation to fiscal cliffs, to Katie Price’s next marriage. Didn’t feel like being left out – so here is my tuppence. – A gap will start to appear … Continue reading

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A global village of zombies

In my day job I deal with companies that need to improve their management of data. Managing information better can lead to better decision making, greater efficiencies and better innovation; amongst others. However it seems that there may be a … Continue reading

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Culture and application of technology

Recently it has become clear to me that there is a two speed progress towards the realisation of business value from technology and innovation around data and information. The hares of the business world are focused on the application of … Continue reading

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