What are we leaving our children?

I would like to say I have had these views all my life, but I haven’t. It’s only been since I have become a dad. Since I realised that nothing else matters but the start I give them. The morals, ethics, values, critical thinking, care, compassion, work ethic, and spirituality that will allow them to be good people who make a difference. It’s early in the journey, but I constantly fear getting sacked for doing a bad job.

But I look around, and am ashamed and scared of the world that we are creating for our children. I have considered what makes up ‘society’; what are the building blocks of our world. Not exhaustive I am sure.

1. Resources: we exploit the natural world for our own consumption. We tear it apart to access resources for energy, building, technology. We take, we return nothing, no husbandry, care, concern. We invest in companies that strip the earth bare, to increase our own wealth.

2. Spiritual: we are arrogant in our beliefs on ourself. We degrade and destroy any belief structures. We attack others and their beliefs. We are so busy that we invest little in the idea or belief in something bigger, more meaningful, and greater than ourselves. We believe the seen, the facile, the superficial.

3. Physical: we build over earth, we destroy topography, wildlife, nature. We hunt and catch to extreme. Species die by the day, we pump tons of chemicals and unnatural content into the earth. We pollute, move, shift, and carve for our comfort and convenience.

4. Community: house to car to work to house. A smaller and more isolated life. No time for the lonely, needy, and elderly. No time for the sick, focused on ourselves and our ‘busy schedules’. No time to chat, share, help, support. Travel has opened the world up, while at the same time we ignore the community under our noses. A sense of belonging to a space, to continuity, to tradition, to each other – changed for digital bytes and avatars.

5. Work: work is less about creating value, to creating a sustainable cycle of goods and services that all benefit from. Work has become a route to bonuses, to wealth, to status, power amd privilege. We communicate less, train less, and ignore the young. We treat jobs like any other number on the balance sheet. Something to increase or decrease as we need to. The sense of work as a facilitator of community, to creation of value has been replaced with leveraging false products that exist only in the minds and computers of few. We can’t even understand how and where goods come from, as long as we can purchase – we are happy.

6. Family: reduced, sliced, diced. The sense of boundary, care, concern that gives children safety, learning, and guidance. Gradually eroded, not improved, not increasing in value. Why will our children want families when so many including politicians do all they can to destroy and devalue.

I don’t see a world that we are adding to, just a world that is a net loss from our time here. Technology doesn’t serve, it self serves. Why are there so few products amd services driven by technology to improve the care of the elderly, the facilitation of learning?

I only say all of this as I have been having a chat to myself. What can I do better to add to the world, to ensure my boys have something to work with, to have an example of increasing and giving? Plenty methinks.

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