Economic growth; lessons from Africa.

I was talking to a Nigerian friend of mine recently about the growth and economic and social situation in Nigeria. He mentioned a key driver that immediately made me think about the economic situation in the UK.

Aspiration; a key ingredient in the growth of Nigeria and the drive of entrepreneurial spirit beginning to unlock the potential of 100million+ people. 

We are hearing daily news about the Bank of England, Government, Europe, and Business; their respective roles, responsibilities, and mistakes in not doing more to drive ‘growth’. It made me think that a slightly harder, but more sustainable approach (albeit unpopular politically) would be to uncover and incentivise aspiration. If we had a nation of individuals who took an aspirational (I don’t mean consumer driven) approach to life, out-with the system of education, job, entitlement, and comfortability – we might be able to actually find the drive, creativity, and innovation to create real value in our country. Encouraging more and more consumer driven spending is not aspiration. Learning, creating, inventing, working hard – these are aspirational behaviours. 

Is it simply that emerging countries have more cheap labour than the west; or that the level of aspiration to improve their with very little, puts us to shame?

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