Culture and application of technology

Recently it has become clear to me that there is a two speed progress towards the realisation of business value from technology and innovation around data and information.

The hares of the business world are focused on the application of technology to drive innovation, customer experience and real business value. This is not new. The difference between them and those on the slow track – is culture.

Reconciling two different generations that are very different in outlook and capability. At the risk of generic stereotyping; there is an older generation who can apply rigour, process, and discipline with experience. Perhaps a little more narrow-minded on technology and the capability of that technology.

A younger generation is coming through with full awareness and embedded comfort of technology and capability; but without the rigour and focus that comes with the functional, measured approach that business has had since the industrial revolution.

Marrying these two together with a complementary, educated and clear culture; results in the full benefits of the advancements we have made. Decision making based on data and information is embedded within the culture of the young. Gut, instinct, and experience of the senior teams could benefit greatly from a closing of the gap between real insight, the customer experience and decisions.

Those organisations that grasp the nettle of change, culture, and people will gain competitive advantage. Those that are focused on technology and processes will lose out.

Culture is hard, people are difficult, and organisations lack the insight and feel of how to create good cultures. But those that encourage the adoption and melding of the old and the new – will claim the prize.

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