Resetting of values

Like most of us, it has been hard to escape the news of corporate chicanery. Whether its the banks fixing rates, miss-selling products to SME’s, or pharma selling products without appropriate authorisation; it’s hard to escape the overwhelming feeling that much of the ‘growth’ during the boom years didn’t come by honest means.

It feels very much like the wealthy (businesses and individuals) got richer on the exploitation and manipulation of the masses and the system.

We know this – the only surprise is the amount we still have to uncover.

It is amusing to watch the efforts to prop up a system that daily seems to be morally and ethically corrupt.

Everything – from data to finance, from politics to boardroom; is exploited to create profit and bonuses for ever hungry employees and ‘shareholders’.

I wonder if there will be a backlash soon, when most of us realise the system isn’t going to be fixed, when we realise there is more to life than working for companies that give nothing back. Attempts are made at CSR, a drop in the ocean against the exploitation and lack of value being created where we need it most – structurally in the communities and relationships that matter.

Maybe when we don’t have the ease of consumption – we will reset our values to giving more?

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