Old dogs, new tricks?

Let me start by saying, this is not about age.

Have been attending a technology for business event. Lots of discussions on emerging technologies and the application / opportunity for business. I can’t help but feel that the real value for businesses will not emerge for a few more years – because fundamentally, there is a lack of knowledge, understanding, and arrogance about it. Trying to reference something new against your own knowledge is fundamentally limiting.
This means that people in positions don’t think about value, and how it can be created – because you have vested interest in a role / position.

Disruption by new businesses will keep coming, because businesses are made up of people made up of limited structures, limited understandings, and limited horizons.

This isn’t a blanket view, but based on what I see an hear – it makes me feel that there are two wheels turning at different speeds.

It requires a mindset of creativity, analytical thinking, curiosity, and humbleness that is missing in large businesses.

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