We are all responsible

We are all responsible for the economic situation and state of capitalism. We cannot divorce our view of capitalism, the banks, the euro, and executive pay – without making a link to the measures of success we place emphasis on in our western world.

We define success based on the accumulation of goods, assets, and bank balances. We all play our part in this – to the extent that our personal circumstances allow. Why then do we wonder or judge those that have opportunities to ‘succeed’ at levels far higher than what most of us dream possible?

Bankers, CEO’s; are just trying to achieve ‘success’ as measured by all of us. Sales of luxury goods and ‘treats’ in the FMCG sector are growing despite the economic state – we are unwilling to let go of those small consumer signs that we are ‘successful’.

If we measured success based on our relationships as fathers, brothers, citizens, and members of the community – we might change the behaviour that results in the increasing gap between those at the top and those at the bottom.

We all took part in the use of debt and credit that was provided by bankers and businesses looking to achieve their own success and achievement of bonuses.

Our status can be defined by so much more than cars, houses, holidays, and clothes. A real challenge to turn our mindset around.

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